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We are happy that you choose to buy the Table Noir cutlery designed for 108. We have send you an order confirmation to you by email. It will be send latest two workdays.

You can now soon enjoy a unique piece of 108 in your private home

108 is the only restaurant in the world having this unique cutlery but now you can soon set your table at home like a star-restaurant.


We are very proud that you choose the Table Noir cutlery designed for 108. From the first day when we decided to establish Table Noir and to the day of the launch of the Table Noir cutlery we designed specifically for 108 there went 4 years.

We interviewed more than 70 restaurants, had several focusgroup interviews with private consumers and made surveys with more than 2.000 person to find out how the perfect cutlery looks like. We found out that it is just as individual as when choosing your partner and that it will be with you for a very long time in your life. We are very proud that you have chosen the Table Noir cutlery designed for 108.

We can promise that we have done our absolute best to make it the dreamcutlery.

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Would you like to have special insights about TABLE NOIR we will be happy if you will give us a like or follow us - then will we try to give you special insights. A dream could be that we maybe at somepoint of time even will be able to invite some of our customers to 108 and experience there fantastic restaurant and food.


When you receive your cutlery you will see that in each TABLE NOIR box there is a unique cutlery certificate with a unique number that you can register on tablenoir.com and ensure it is unique, authentic and made of the best quality.


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