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108 is one of the best restaurants in the world and is placed in Copenhagen at Strandgade 108 right at the Copenhagen Canals. 108 received its first Michelin star only seven months after it opened and won in the 2017 the title "Best new restaurant in Copenhagen".


When you visit 108 you will be served fantastic food in a very casual environment with soft lounge music in the background and relaxed table setting.

TABLE NOIR is very proud that we specially designed the cutlery for 108 and that it is designed so it emphasize 108´s relaxed atmosphere and dinning experience.


After 3 years of preparation we are proud that we can now lift the smoke and unveil the Table NOIR cutlery designed for 108


The Table Noir cutlery designed for 108 is a beautiful minimalistic cutlery were the aesthetics and the function goes hand in hand.

The Table Noir cutlery has been chosen by Designmuseum Danmark to be exhibited in the permant exhibition "Danish Design Now" which is a huge honour and proud that it is now exhibited together with all the other well known danish design icons


108 is the only restaurant in the world having this unique TABLE NOIR cutlery but you can now buy it in the exclusive NOIR variant and enjoy a piece of the 108 dining experience at home.

Table Noir designed for 108 (NOIR)

Table Noir designed for 108 in NOIR (Black Matt) for 2 persons consist of 8 pcs.

2 x NOIR table knives (21,7 cm)
2 x NOIR table spoons (19,7 cm)
2 x NOIR menu forks (19,7 cm)
2 x NOIR teaspoon (14,5 cm)

The 108 cutlery in the NOIR variant is produced in 18/10 stainless steel with Black PVD finish and is dishwasher safe. The Cutlery is produced in the absolut best quality, steel material, polishing and even the coating so it will be with you for many years to come.

The Table Noir cutlery designed for 108 is specially designed for 108s tablesetting and atmosphere.
It is designed in cooperation with 108s Kitchen chef Kristian Baumann, Restaurant chef Jacob Møller, Sommelier Riccardo Marcon and General Manager Thomas Østegaard Bagge.

Your Table Noir cutlery is a unique designed cutlery. It is a cutlery that feels just right and it is exhibited on Designmuseum Danmark together with the danish design icons.

Brand: Table Noir

1 x TABLE NOIR DESIGNED FOR 108 (NOIR 8 pcs)   +€0.00

Designed to emphasize 108's relaxed atmosphere

Functionally the Table Noir cutlery is designed to enhance 108's relaxed environment of the restaurant.
The table setting for 108 is for each person a simple but elegant leather pocket with the guests cutlery.
Each leather pocket contains cutlery for the whole dinner; 3 knives, 2 table spoons and 3 forks. This table setting is allowing the guest to be a part of the dining experience and with a minimum of disturbance from the waiters during the dinner.

To make this table setting possible the fork and spoons are designed with a small arch on the backside that matches the front of the handle so it creates a small "lock" and is placed stable in the leather pocket.

When it is placed in the pocket you can see that the head of the fork and spoon matches each other to perfection. This was a design element - as simple as it sounds - that took 6 months to make perfect.



Aestethically 108 wanted to have a minimalistic cutlery with very few simple and elegant design lines.

The Table Noir knife designed for 108 is designed with only three lines.
One straight line and 2 curves.

To enhance the simplicity, the knife's blade is designed to smoothly fade into the handle and has a silky soft rounded surface that makes the knife feel fantastic in the hand.



The cutlery for 108 is simple and minimalistic so it won't take focus away from what is important - the food and the dinning experience.
Since it is so minimalistic we have tried to remove all elements that were not necessary and constantly tried to optimize the few elements that were left and of course produce it in the absolute best quality with the best materials and polishing.



We are proud that you can buy the TABLE NOIR cutlery designed for 108 in an exclusive NOIR variant.

The NOIR is made with the absolute best steel quality (18/10) with a black PVD coating that makes the cutlery sturdy and dishwasher safe.

Table Noir’s objective is to design cutlery that gives a better culinary experience and we are therefore attentive to the quality of the cutlery so it will be with you for many years to come. We have thus decided that our Table Noir cutlery must have the best stainless steel. We do so as we believe in the utmost importance of the heart of the cutlery being of as good quality as the cutlery’s outer design.

Black is not just Black. This NOIR Variant's Black colour have we chosen so it has a little bit toned down colour that gives an exclusive surface and for creating references to the New Nordic kitchen, where the Matt "Douce" colour palette is often used.


Your Table Noir cutlery has a unique number that you can register on tablenoir.com and ensure it is unique, authentic and made of the best quality.

Table Noir designed for 108 in NOIR (Black Matt) for 2 persons consist of 8 pcs.

2 x NOIR table knives (21,7 cm)
2 x NOIR table spoons (19,7 cm)
2 x NOIR menu forks (19,7 cm)
2 x NOIR teaspoon (14,5 cm)



4 x NOIR table knives
4 x NOIR table spoons
4 x NOIR menu forks
4 x NOIR teaspoon


Table Noir designed for 108 in NOIR (8 persons)

8 x NOIR table knives (21,7 cm)
8 x NOIR table spoons (19,7 cm)
8 x NOIR menu forks (19,7 cm)
8 x NOIR teaspoon (14,5 cm)


Table Noir designed for 108 (NOIR 12 persons)

12 x NOIR table knives (21,7 cm)
12 x NOIR table spoons (19,7 cm)
12 x NOIR menu forks (19,7 cm)
12 x NOIR teaspoon (14,5 cm)


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