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"Tailor-Made" Cutlery for the worlds best restaurants

Table Noir's mission is to create uniquely designed cutlery for the world's best restaurants.

The Restaurants that have a Table Noir cutlery have been handpicked and specially invited. Table Noir specially designs the cutlery for the restaurant's concept, table setting and atmosphere.

Every Table Noir cutlery is "Tailor-made" and specially designed so the restaurant get their dream cutlery and are sure they are the only restaurant in the world having this unique cutlery.


Table Noir design after the restaurants desire so it is perfect for that specific restaurant.

”If I can choose between all cutlery in the world this is the one”



When you find the right partner, you remember where you were and what you talked about - and felt that this was something special.

We hope that you will have the same feeling with Table Noir when you see or meet us for the first time. We have tried our best to make our products stand out and we have designed it to be the dream cutlery.

Table Noir cutlery is produced in the best materials and in the best quality so it can be with you for life.

We hope you think Table Noir is different, special and just feels right.



Would you like to meet Table Noir and see the cutlery we have designed for 108? Please give us a call and we will invite you for a cup of coffee or a cold drink on our roof terrace.


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