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The international architecture and design firm Snøhetta Snøhetta has in close collaboration with Table Noir and executive chef Thorsten Schmidt designed a tailor-made set of cutlery for the top-restaurant Barr, in Copenhagen.

Even the smallest detail plays an important part at Restaurant Barr which has made their premises in Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, a historical and veritable food temple. The interior, designed by world-renowned architects Snøhetta, instantly prepares your senses for the gourmet experience you are about to have.

At the centre of the experience is of course the carefully prepared food, but the BARRs Table Noir cutlery is tailor-made to play an integrated role and enhance the dining experience.

The result is a a totally unique set of cutlery, knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon that has a sturdy feel to it and reflects the kind of luxury ‘traditional cooking’ that the Barr kitchen is based on. Barrs cutlery is relatively large and feels solid. Both tablespoon and teaspoon are designed to dig in deep and all parts have a unique and refined rustic surface that has been obtained by stone-washing the finished stainless-steel cutlery.

Many parts - one whole.

Restaurant Barr serves world-class food from the beer belt that goes from Benelux-Norway. The name Barr is an old Nordic word for “barley", that is a crop used to brew beer and microscopic elements from Barley is used both in Barrs overall interior design, in the architecture in the walls and roof ceilings and in to the smallest element in the restaurant - the surface of the new TABLE NOIR cutlery.

The bespoke cutlery has a stonewashed surface which gives it an approachable, sturdy feel, adding contrast and novelty to the typical fine dining experience. When treating the surface of the material in this way, the steel color naturally transitions into a darker gray tone. This contributes to a unique expression, which is in line with Barr’s food philosophy; an ideology where every ingredient and its processing are carefully selected to create new and original dining experiences.

– Barrs new TABLE NOIR cutlery optimizes the tactile and physical experience of dining at Barr, says head chef and restaurateur Thorsten Schmidt. – The cutlery is not merely defined by aesthetics or functionality; it actually enhances the enjoyment of the food and thus elevates the eating experience itself. When you lift your spoon or fork, the sturdy weight of the cutlery gives you a stronger sensory experience in relation to the food.




Table Noir designed for Restaurant BARR in the stone-washed finish has an unpretentious look that matches restaurant BARR's overall philosophy and with the bumbs through life it will stay beautifull with a vintage feeling.

Stone-washed table knives (21,7 cm)
Stone-washed table spoons (20,1 cm)
Stone-washed table forks (20,1 cm)
Stone-washed tea spoon (14,5 cm)

The Table Noir cutlery for Barr in the Stone-washed finish is produced in 18/10 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The Cutlery is produced in the absolut best quality, steel material and even stone-washed finishing so it will be with you for many years.


The SATIN MATTE cutlery is classic and exclusive.

MATTE table knives (21,7 cm)
MATTE table spoons (20,1 cm)
MATTE table forks (20,1 cm)
MATTE teaspoon (14,5 cm)

The Material of the Barr cutlery with the SATIN MATTE finish is 18/10 stainless-steel, dishwasher safe and hand polished to remove all sharp edges - even between the teeth of the fork.

The fine details that will follow you through life

The cutlery conveys a nostalgic yet timeless expression through recognizable cut outs in the handles. The shapes are carefully aligned, creating harmony between the individual pieces of cutlery so that they form a natural whole, like letters in the same font.

The cutlery is designed to survive the busy life in a restaurant in great shape - and for decades of use in your home.


Stone-washed - or Satin Matte

The cutlery at Barr is stone-washed to achieve a unique signature finish. Partly to match Snøhetta’s design philosophy for Barr inspired by the microstructures of Barley, partly to meet the restaurant's desire for a cutlery that will withstand daily handling and dish washing. The stone-washed finish also has an unpretentious look that matches the restaurant's overall philosophy.

If you want to lay your own dinner table at home exactly like Barr, then choose the stone-washed finish. For a more classic expression, it is also possible to choose a classic Satin Matte finish on the TABLE NOIR designed for Barr by Snøhetta cutlery. Both variants are top quality and of course dishwasher safe.




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