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Maintaining your Cutlery

At both quality and longevity of your cutlery is of the utmost importance to us. Our Cutlery is dishwasher safe. Nevertheless it is important to follow the following guidelines to ensure that the cutlery you have bought remains in good condition and does not stain.

- It is important that when you first receive your cutlery that you hand wash it in warm soapy water before using it. Sometimes dust or metal particles remain on the cutlery after manufacture and these can cause stains if combined with chemicals in the dishwasher.

- Always ensure that your cutlery is thoroughly rinsed with water after use and before putting it in the dishwasher.

- When using a dishwasher, it is advisable to separate the knives from the forks and/or spoons in the cutlery basket to avoid contact erosion.

- Only use the recommended amount of detergent in the dishwasher to avoid a high concentration of corrosive chemicals contacting your cutlery.

- When the dishwasher cycle has finished, open the door to prevent condensation forming on the cutlery.

- If possible, cutlery should be rubbed dry using a soft cloth or tea towel immediately after the cycle has finished.

We offer a two year guarantee on all our products. All our suppliers are dedicated manufacturers who continually strive to maintain the highest quality. However, any corrosion or damage caused by misuse or failure to maintain the cutlery are not covered by our guarantee.