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Even the smallest detail plays an important part at Restaurant Barr which has made their premises in Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, a historical and veritable food temple. The interior, designed by world-renowned architects Snøhetta, instantly prepares your senses for the gourmet experience you are about to have at Barr.

At the centre of the experience is of course the carefully prepared food, but also the cutlery – tailor-made to play an integrated role in the dining experience. A totally unique cutlery created by TABLE NOIR for Barr - designed by Snøhetta in close collaboration with TABLE NOIR.

The result is a set of cutlery, knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon that has a sturdy feel to it and reflects the kind of luxury ‘traditional cooking’ that the Barr kitchen is based on. The cutlery is large. Both tablespoon and teaspoon are designed to dig in deep and all parts have a unique and refined rustic surface that has been obtained by stone-washing the finished stainless-steel cutlery.

Many parts - one whole.

TABLE NOIR designed for Barr by Snøhetta is tailor-made to be a strong design in its own right - while also being an integral part of Barr´s overall dining experience. The knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon are harmonious and beautiful individually – and as a set they feel like a natural part of the Barr experience.

The cutlery designed for BARR is created from the philosophy: many parts - one whole.

Despite the slightly oversized look and the rustic finish, TABLE NOIR designed for Barr by Snøhetta has its own distinct elegance and ease. A soft furrow in the shaft reflects corresponding furrows in Barr's huge wooden bar and the large ceiling beams. The transition between the shaft and the head of the fork and both spoons is slim and has an elegant swivel that lifts the shaft slightly from the table, making the cutlery easier to grab. Another almost invisible detail on the backside of the shaft ensures that the cutlery stay sturdy on the table.

All parts lie perfectly balanced in your hand and the special stone-washed finish gives an exceptionally soft, warm and unique finish.


Stone-washed - 8 pers - 32 pièces

Stone-washed - 8 pers - 32 pièces

Brand: Table Noir
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2 x Barr Stonewashed - 4 personer   +0,00 €

The fine details that can withstand life

The cutlery is designed to survive the busy life in a restaurant in great shape - and for decades of use in your home. The material is stainless-steel, hand polished to remove all sharp edges - even between the teeth of the fork. In addition, the furrow of the shaft has the practical function of enabling stacking both horizontally and vertically. .
At Barr, cutlery for four is arranged on the table in a box, beautifully stacked, the same can be done at home to upgrade your next dinner arrangement to a star restaurant experience


Stone-washed - or silky soft

The cutlery at Barr is stone-washed to achieve a unique signature finish. Partly to match Snøhetta’s design philosophy for Barr inspired by microstructures, partly to meet the restaurant's desire for a cutlery that will withstand daily handling and dish washing. The stone-washed finish also has an unpretentious look that matches the restaurant's overall philosophy.

If you want to lay your own dinner table at home exactly like Barr, then choose the stone-washed finish. For a more classic expression, it is also possible to choose a silkier finish on the TABLE NOIR designed for Barr by Snøhetta cutlery. Both variants are of course dishwasher safe..


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